About Whitehorse

Over one hundred years ago, reckless adventurers fought their way down the Yukon River by boat on their voyage to the goldfields. Many struggled through the choppy waters of the White Horse Rapids. Exciting times! Fearless men and women traversed great distances to arrive at their goal- the Klondike.

Today it’s much easier to come to get to Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, and home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. Named by some the Wilderness City, Whitehorse nestles on the banks of the famous Yukon River surrounded by mountains and clear mountain lakes.  Gorgeous scenery and a vibrant city lifestyle, over 22,000 people enjoy live in Whitehorse Year Round.

Climate (Whitehorse average – celsius)

January -18.7 July +14
February -13.1 August +12.3
March -7.2 September +7.3
April +.03 October +0.7
May +6.6 November -10
June +11.6 December  

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Places to Eat

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[photo credit: StudioLit on Flickr]