Debate Fires up Quickly

October 29th, 2010

Debating sparks up quickly as Norway rejects recommendation 2.1, the advertisement of air pollution ‘advertising air pollution throughout the whole world is pointless’. Germany replies ‘everything is connected, and the air pollution rises to the arctic’. R.A.I.P.O.N.D. stands to disagree with Norway ‘research shows the pollution goes either to the Northern or Southern atmosphere, 2.1 is a good idea’.  Countries discuss this global problem, the debate on air pollutions continues and swiftly in Arctic Council Session .

Draft Recomendations Voting

October 29th, 2010

After a first long day, the youth were delighted with all you can eat pizza from Boston Pizza. Friday morning starts bright and early and the youth continued debating their draft recommendations. As a result, PAME developed 2 recommendations, SDWG developed 7 recommendations, and AMAP developed 2 recommendations. During lunch the youth ate lunch, and enjoyed a tour at the Yukon College. This afternoon The Arctic Council Session 1 will be taking place for the discussion of the draft recommendations. The youth are ready for actions… stay tuned for the results of The Arctic Council Session 1.


October 29th, 2010

Things are heating up in cold Whitehorse, as day 2 of MAC heads into lunch – so much so that CBC TV North had to drop in and catch some of the action.  All 3 working groups were captured hard at work finalizing their draft recommendations.  You can check out the CBC Broadcast tonight at 5:30pm channel 10 in Whitehorse.  They will also be putting it up on their website tomorrow in case you miss  it – check it out at

MAC Delegates Introduced to Yukon Legislature

October 29th, 2010

After joining us at Opening Ceremonies, Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie invited MAC delegates and organizers to be introduced to the Yukon Legislature at the opening of their session on Thursday. It was an exciting experience to have all the hard work and efforts recognized by the Yukon Government!

Protection of the Marine Engaged for Change

October 28th, 2010

The Protection of the Marine delegate’s debate ways to deal with oil spills. All the youth seem rather engaged in strategizing this problem.  Sweden suggests ‘there should be a strategy in case of oil spills’, R.A.I.D.P.O.N. adds companies should have to pay higher insurances in case of an oil spill’, ‘higher insurances can pay for oil platforms that way we’ll have the equipment ready’. Arctic Athabaskan Council proposes that oil companies should be in the care of their countries. And R.A.I.D.P.O.N responds by stating that ‘there may be binding problems between countries and companies’ while using the B.P. oil spill as an example ‘the countries and companies will just start blaming each other for the oil spill’. The debate continues in conference room #2. The youth are enthusiastic about stating their opinions and solutions to oil spills problems.

What a Night!!

October 28th, 2010

The opening ceremony for the 2010 Model Arctic was a smashing success. The youth entered the Beringia Centre with keen smiles and elegant wear. The event started with a little meet and greet, giving the youth a chance to introduce themselves. The amazing guest speakers welcomed the youth with open arms. Each guest speaker honoured and welcomed the youth. ‘Youth are the effective agents in change’ Kate White, the executive director of the United Nations explained in her speech. Grand Chief Ruth Massie believes ‘the youth will solve the climate change problem.’ The Honourable Premier Dennis Fentie also graced the youth with his words of wisdom ‘we are honoured and privileged to have the youth here in Whitehorse’, he explains, ‘your passion and voice is vital for change’. The open ceremony involved 8 guest speakers, all of which were grateful for the youth presence. The evening concluded with more meeting and greeting, coffee, and delicious cake from The Chocolate Claim!

Attention all Delegates: Mix, Match, and Win a Prize

October 27th, 2010

Here is a fun little guessing game to kick off the 2010 Model Arctic Council! Below is a list of the staff member names  and ‘geeky’ things they do, or use to do. Now, your job is to match the staff member (number) to the geeky thing they do  (letter). The delegate who guesses the most correct answers wins a prize. Sooooo start guessing…

 1.Denise Siele, Project Officer
 2. David Crowe, Assitant Project Officer
 3.Ellen Ramsay, Assistant Project Officer
 4.Melissa Greyeyes-Brant, Chair, Sustainable Development Working Group
 5.Dana Mackie, Director, Sustainable Development Working Group
 6.Jeff Mackey, Chair, Preservation of the Arctic Marine Environment
 7.Holly LaForge, Director, Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
 8.Pamela Gross, Director Monitoring and Assessment Programme
 9. Michelle Legere, Photographer/ Volunteer
 10.Kyle Cashin, Coordinator, Delegrate Resourse Centre
 11. Kayla Mintz, Editor, Model Arctic Council Blog
 12. Kate White, Executive Director

A. Was a member of chess club, and played the Altosaxaphone.
B. Sleeps in the school library all the time
C. Practices his/her typing skills in any spare time
D. Knows every word to every Prince song
E. Plays Starcraft and World of Warcraft
F. Was in Choir and goes searching  for Sir Jon Franklin’s body with his or hers dad
G. Played trumpet  for seven years, while fequently attending band camp
H. Hangs out at airports for fun
I. Plays Lego Batman and Indiana Jones
J. Rings hand bells
K. Knows that bird is the Word

Welcome to MAC!

October 27th, 2010

Good afternoon from Whitehorse!

Welcome to the Model Arctic Council! All of the staff and organizers wish you the best of luck and the most amazing of an experience over the next few days. If you have any questions, excitements, or concerns, feel free to approach and share with our staff members!

Again, good luck and most of all, have an absolute blast here in Whitehorse!

Cultural Festival

October 25th, 2010

Calling all delegates! On Friday, October 27th the Model Arctic Council will be holding a festival for all to share aspects of their community and culture. The event will be fun-filled and exciting as we take time to relax and enjoy the company of all our fellow delegates! We’ll have videos and posters and we want to add your voice to the mix! Whether you’d like to perform a song, story, dance or skit, or you’d rather design a poster, hang a picture or painting or display a work of art, we’d love for you to share with us!

If you would like to share a bit about yourself and where you come from, please send a quick message to Ellen at [email protected]

Research Links!

October 24th, 2010


The beginning of MAC is fast approaching and I wanted to give you some useful links which can help in preparations. Check under the “Getting Ready” tab on our website for a new page called “Research Links.” Here you will find links to the Foreign Affairs websites for the Arctic and Non-Arctic/Observer Countries, Permanent Participant websites, and International/Non-governmental agency websites.

I surely hope these links prove to be useful as you prepare for MAC! The entire team is looking forward to meeting each of you this week in Whitehorse!