Ministerial Meeting


The final day of the event will be a simulation of a Ministerial meeting. At this point in the simulation, all delegates will be divided into delegations representing one of the Member States or Permanent Participants.  Each group will then prepare a statement to be delivered by one of their members, who will act as the Foreign Minister of that country or Permanent Participant representative. These statements will reflect the reaction of the Member States’ home governments and the Permanent Participants’ to the Council’s recommendations, and will outline how they plan to incorporate or prioritize those recommendations into their governmental policies.

This last part of the simulation will require the majority of delegates to step back from the perspectives they have represented in the last two days and focus on the practical application of the recommendations they have come up with. As this will also require some knowledge of the Member States’ governmental systems and Permanent Participants, delegates who are not already assigned to represent one of the council’s Member States or Permanent Participants will be made aware of which delegation they will be helping to create a statement for so that they can become familiar with the country/organization in question before-hand. However, because delegates will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with the representatives of the eight Member States and the Permanent Participants throughout the simulation, and will be formulating the Ministerial statements as a group, previous research on these countries/organizations will not need to be extensive.