Arctic  Council Meeting


The second stage of the simulation will take place on the second day of the event and will be a simulation of a Senior Arctic Official’s (SAOs) meeting. In this part of the simulation, all three members of a delegation will work together to represent their country/permanent participant/organization’s interests.

This body will discuss the reports from each of the Working Groups and ensure that the eight Senior Arctic Officials (one for each of the Member States) and the six  Permanent Participants are in agreement with the reports’ recommendations. These SAOs  and PPs will be represented by the whole delegation (3 delegates) of each Member State and PPs.

  • Decisions made by the Arctic Council must be made by consensus.
  • No votes are taken and agreement is not considered to have been reached if only the majority of those present are in favour of the recommendations being made.
  • ALL parties with a say must agree to the recommendations in order for them to be formalized and accepted by the Council.