Conference Matrix

  Working Group Meetings Arctic Council Meeting Ministerial Meeting
One representative per delegation per Working Group Three representatives per delegation sit on the Arctic Council Only the representatives of Member States and Permanent Participants
Member States
Canada X X X
Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) X X X
Finland X X X
Iceland X X X
Norway X X X
Russian Federation X X X
Sweden X X X
United States of America X X X
**Delegates representing the Member States and the Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council participate in all three meetings.**
Permanent Participants
Aleut International Association X X X
Arctic Athabaskan Council X X X
Gwich’in Council International X X X
Inuit Circumpolar Council X X X
Saami Council X X X
Russian Arctic Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON) X X X
International/Non-Governmental Organizations
Arctic Circumpolar Gateway X X  
World Conservation Union X X
World Wildlife Fund X X
Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Seas X X
The Northern Forum X X
International Union for Circumpolar Health X X
Non-Arctic/Observer Countries
United Kingdom X X  
France X X
Poland X X
Germany X X
**During the Ministerial Meeting, representatives of the International/Non-Governmental Organizations, and Non-Arctic/Observer Countries will be teamed with Member State and Permanent Participant delegates. Collectively, they will focus on the practical aspects of their suggestions, helping the creation of Member State and the Permanent Participant statements.**


**Please note that only a select number of International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Observer States have been chosen for this simulation. For a full list of all Arctic Council participants please go to:**