International Participation

Visitor Visa Information

Please note that an application for a visitor visa is not always successful and no assumptions should be made that all international delegates to CANIMUN will be successful in obtaining a visitor visa.

** MAC and UNA-Canada are not involved and do not have any influence over the visa granting process. Additionally, MAC and UNA-Canada cannot help reverse a negative decision made by embassy officials. *

UNA-Canada strongly emphasizes the importance for international delegates to apply for their visitor visas as early as possible. The processing of a visa application can be unpredictable in terms of time and final outcome. This makes an early start to the application process essential.

Please take note of the following tips concerning the application process towards a visitor visa:

  • Delegates may contact any Canadian Embassy or Consulate General for advice on how to apply for a visitor visa.
  • Applications for visas are more rapidly processed at Canadian offices responsible for a delegate’s country of residence.
  • Applications for visitor visas must be filed at a visa office abroad well in advance.
  • If a visa office is not in the applicant’s country, please visit
  • Application forms must be filled out accurately and completely in order to be considered.
  • Every applicant for a visitor visa into Canada is required to demonstrate to a designated officer that he or she is a genuine CANIMUN delegate who complies with all applicable requirements of the Immigration Act and its regulations.
  • Visitors need a valid passport or an appropriate travel document to enter Canada.
  • The authority to issue a visitor visa to a delegate rests with the appropriate visa officers abroad. UNA-Canada cannot overcome or change these decisions.
  • Applicants may re-apply if their visa application is turned down.
  • For more detailed information on visitor visas and other related inquires, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at

Travel Insurance Information

The Ontario Blue Cross provides visitors to Canada with a very affordable insurance plan for protection from unexpected and costly emergency health care. For more information or quotes, please visit: