Attention all Delegates: Mix, Match, and Win a Prize

Here is a fun little guessing game to kick off the 2010 Model Arctic Council! Below is a list of the staff member names  and ‘geeky’ things they do, or use to do. Now, your job is to match the staff member (number) to the geeky thing they do  (letter). The delegate who guesses the most correct answers wins a prize. Sooooo start guessing…

 1.Denise Siele, Project Officer
 2. David Crowe, Assitant Project Officer
 3.Ellen Ramsay, Assistant Project Officer
 4.Melissa Greyeyes-Brant, Chair, Sustainable Development Working Group
 5.Dana Mackie, Director, Sustainable Development Working Group
 6.Jeff Mackey, Chair, Preservation of the Arctic Marine Environment
 7.Holly LaForge, Director, Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
 8.Pamela Gross, Director Monitoring and Assessment Programme
 9. Michelle Legere, Photographer/ Volunteer
 10.Kyle Cashin, Coordinator, Delegrate Resourse Centre
 11. Kayla Mintz, Editor, Model Arctic Council Blog
 12. Kate White, Executive Director

A. Was a member of chess club, and played the Altosaxaphone.
B. Sleeps in the school library all the time
C. Practices his/her typing skills in any spare time
D. Knows every word to every Prince song
E. Plays Starcraft and World of Warcraft
F. Was in Choir and goes searching  for Sir Jon Franklin’s body with his or hers dad
G. Played trumpet  for seven years, while fequently attending band camp
H. Hangs out at airports for fun
I. Plays Lego Batman and Indiana Jones
J. Rings hand bells
K. Knows that bird is the Word

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