Protection of the Marine Engaged for Change

The Protection of the Marine delegate’s debate ways to deal with oil spills. All the youth seem rather engaged in strategizing this problem.  Sweden suggests ‘there should be a strategy in case of oil spills’, R.A.I.D.P.O.N. adds companies should have to pay higher insurances in case of an oil spill’, ‘higher insurances can pay for oil platforms that way we’ll have the equipment ready’. Arctic Athabaskan Council proposes that oil companies should be in the care of their countries. And R.A.I.D.P.O.N responds by stating that ‘there may be binding problems between countries and companies’ while using the B.P. oil spill as an example ‘the countries and companies will just start blaming each other for the oil spill’. The debate continues in conference room #2. The youth are enthusiastic about stating their opinions and solutions to oil spills problems.

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